Printing the “Music is Legal!” shirts

The shirts arrived Thursday evening, and since I only had two days available to print them before losing access to my studio space (and I’m spending Sunday helping to install my show at the Painting Center), we had to rush to get them done.

buskny_shirt_printing 002

135 t-shirts

buskny_shirt_printing 011

Printing the first shirt.

With only two people, it took seven or eight hours to finish the front side of all 135 shirts.

buskny_shirt_printing 009

We started with the pink shirts.

My cousin Zeke took a detour into the city on his way up the Appalachian Trail, and he offered to help us print the backs. With his help, we finished them in four hours.

buskny_shirt_printing 014

And he bought us food!

buskny_shirt_printing 023

The print shop’s mustachioed Pratt Cat, who is most often found sleeping in the paper guillotine’s scrap bin, visited us in the silkscreen lab.

buskny_shirt_printing 046

About half of the finished shirts.

Matthew and Kalan will start distributing them to subway performers this week. Remember: Music is Legal!

4 thoughts on “Printing the “Music is Legal!” shirts

  1. Would be a great fundraiser for a legal defense fund. I would definitely buy one off cafepress or whatever.

    For the second edition, try to find a cool way to include the section number of the relevant MTA code, or even a qr code linking the regulation text.

    • Great ideas! We don’t have nonprofit status yet so we couldn’t envision a legal defense fund at the moment. We have been considering making more shirts, though, and some of them will be available for sale, if we do, to help fund the printing!

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