Legal contacts:

Stoll, Glickman, & Bellina, who handled Matthew’s first wrongful arrest suit

Galluzzo & Johnson, who have expressed interest in taking on future wrongful arrest cases

Paul Hale of Hale Legal Group, who’s expressed interest in both wrongful arrest and summons cases.

Performers’ rights:

Susie Tanenbaum’s “Know Your Rights” guide for subway performers, hosted by City Lore

Attorney Matthew Galluzzo’s analysis of the MTA rules and the possibility of false arrest lawsuits

The NYPD’s own well-written breakdown of MTA performance rules. We wish they would follow this clear and simple language!

Books, articles, and blogs:

Underground Harmonies: Susie Tanenbaum’s opus on NYC subway performance

Steven G. Baird’s website with a wealth of information on subway performances

Busking and performance-related organizations

Music Under New York: the MTA-sponsored performance program

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, which receives and investigates complaints about police conduct

 Transit Police

The NYPD’s list of precincts, including addresses and contact information for their commanding officers. Transit districts, the most relevant, are listed at the bottom.

Please, do submit any and all additional resources that you’re aware of! This list can only expand from here.

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    • Thanks, glad to hear it’s helpful! I dropped you an email at the address you listed so we’re in touch. If you don’t see it, drop a line to our address when you can!

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