Who to call

If you’ve been wrongfully arrested or ticketed, you need to take action. New York City’s buskers are well-protected by the law, and working with a lawyer is an empowering process.

The first step you should take is contacting us at info@buskny.com. We can give you a how-to on looking up your charges, an overview of your next steps, and a warm dose of encouragement. (If you are reading this because a busker in your life has disappeared — yes, this happens! — please call or email with “ARREST” in the subject line).

Next, speak with a lawyer. FYI: phone calls, emails, consultations, and even lengthy hangouts with any civil rights lawyer are free. Please do not fear getting valuable and empowering information!

Finally, when you’ve spoken with a lawyer, you’ll be ready to sign a retainer to begin the suit. This does not cost a dime. In a civil rights lawsuit, your lawyer is paid only if you win a settlement, and if so, only 1/3 of your settlement. This ensures a fair trial — for obvious reasons, lawyers will only take cases they can win.

So here is our list. Our constituents have worked with each of these offices and we recommend them. We do give a very special recognition to Paul Hale for his diligent and warm-hearted work in successful representing performers for wrongful tickets, and for taking on New York City’s first Monell Claim for systematic police harassment of subway performers.

Paul Hale of Hale Legal Group in Brooklyn: 718-554-7344

Stoll, Glickman, & Bellina in Brooklyn: 718-852-3710

Galluzzo & Johnson in Manhattan : 212-918-4661

For any questions, doubts, or emergencies, drop us a line. (Feel a challenge coming on? We would be excited to conjure up pro bono help for a situation that allows buskers to challenge the limits of the existing law).

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