BuskNY was founded in 2013 with the mission of generating broad awareness of the legality of artistic performance in the New York City subway, in order to end wrongful ejection, ticketing, and arrest of subway performers.

In pursuit of this goal, we conduct grassroots organizing of subway performers, with a particular focus on encouraging lawsuits for wrongful ticketing and arrest. Additionally, we do outreach to MTA ridership and the public, and we fight for corrections to inaccurate media descriptions of the legality of subway performance.

BuskNY’s work has been covered by the Brian Lehrer Show, Metro NYC, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times, among others. You can reach us at our email, info@buskny.com, or at (eight zero two) 753.6306.

Currently, our team is composed of:

Matthew Christian

Matthew Christian, Director. A classically-trained violinist and contra-dance fiddler, Matthew has performed in the MTA since the summer of 2011, and also teaches English.


Get in touch: matthew@buskny.com

Milo Wissig

Milo Wissig

Milo Wissig, Visual Art Manager. A Brooklyn-based painter, visual artist, and 2013 graduate of Pratt Institute, Milo shows work in Manhattan and Brooklyn, manages BuskNY’s visual and social media, and curated our 2014 art show. Information about his work and upcoming exhibitions is available at his personal website.

Get in touch: milo@buskny.com


Adam Walsh

Adam Walsh

Adam Walsh, Campaign Manager. A freelance politico, Adam has eight years of experience in political organizing and campaign management, as seen at his website. Adam came to BuskNY to pursue a passion for First Amendment freedom and for police reform, and is leading our work to recognize the 30th anniversary of legal subway performance in 2015.

Get in touch: adam@buskny.com

Isadora Frost

Isadora Frost is a body artist; she holds degrees in theater from Teatro Escola Celia Helena (Brazil), in Performance Art from Pontificia Universidade Catolica (Brazil), and in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute. As a street performer herself, she knows the needs of public performers from first-hand experience. At BuskNY, her goal is to find new ways of being part of the performing community as an advocate as well as an artist.

Get in touch: isadora@buskny.com

Kalan Sherrard

Kalan Sherrard

Kalan Sherrard has been performing literary theory inspired non-narrative object-puppet shows in New York and on the road for five years. Outside of busking, Kalan is a visual artist and free school organizer whose work can be seen at his site.


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  5. I am leaving my message here because there doesn’t seem to be any alternative.
    Yesterday there was a miracle at the Lafayette and Broadway Station.I am a senior citizen and I lost my wallet in the subway yesterday, Thursday, November 20 at about 4:45 pm a person found it and turned the wallet in to the station agent whose name is George Raho #726045 . I can’t thank that wonderful person who turned in the wallet but certainly George should be commended for his honesty . He was so happy when I appeared to clam the wallet it make me believe my prayers were heard and answered. Whoever gets this message it would be an act of kindness if it were given to George’s superiors so they could tell him so wonderful he is.
    My name is Angela Errico , my e-mail address is Primavera100@aol.com
    Please forward this message to where ever it should go to give Mr. Raho the recognition he deserves.
    Thank you
    Angela Errico

    • Angela, you can publicize this beautiful story together with the MTA. They are reachable at 511, and they also have a Facebook page where you could reach many riders. We are not sure you should post the station agent’s full name for privacy reasons but commend you for celebrating his work.

  6. Hi I am a subway busker. I have been moved by police numerous times. But I think now I am seen as an easy target. They now tell me that I have to move before their supervisor comes and really gives me a hard time. That I’m not allowed to keep my bag opened and that I am soliciting even though I don’t ask for money. Just a little while ago at about 12:30 just after midnight I was moved from Bryant park in the hallway between the 7 train and the BDFM trains.
    They told me that if they see me again there without the proper permit they will lock me up. Just for full disclosure I play Celtic harp which is very low in volume and was using an amp covered with a bag.
    I mentioned this to some contractors who told me that a few minutes before they tried to force a woman to leave nd she yelled at them and they left. So I guess they were in a bad mood…..
    But it seems like it could happen that I actually get arrested.
    What will I do? What if they damage my harp?

  7. Hi, I am a university student in London currently doing a research project on buskers and their use of public space in New York City. I will be shortly going to New York soon and would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak to a few buskers about their experience in New York, and what difficulties they may have faced, if there were any? My name is Jeonghyun Kim, and my email address is: zcfa014@live.rhul.ac.uk, if anyone would like to contact me via email.

    Thank you very much!

  8. How can a free lance vocalist who wants to avoid problems with the law perform in the subways if he or she needs karaoke musical accompaniment?

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