Performer arrested at Metropolitan Avenue

BuskNY and the performing community were disturbed to learn of a new wrongful arrest. A longtime, well-loved performer was arrested early this morning at Metropolitan Avenue, a key station for Brooklyn performers. Fortunately, he was well-prepared: a copy of the rules of conduct was in play, and the full arrest was documented on video:

BuskNY is preparing a public response to this arrest. Please reach out if you would like to be updated. We thank this performer for standing up to the undocumented and ungrounded ejections that occur daily in New York City — and we believe, as always, that the end of wrongful ejection, ticketing, and arrest is in sight.

2 thoughts on “Performer arrested at Metropolitan Avenue

  1. He ended up going back to the station to protest with many people joining him. He was supposed to go to trial that same week, but I’m not aware of the outcome. I went through this recently, but decided to not push further as to not get arrested. It really is a shame. Street performers are an integral part of New York’s history.

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