9/07: New contributor!

A big welcome to Kalan Sherrard!

I met Kalan last month on the Union Square L platform. I was waiting for a train, and he was in the process of being removed by a cop. I hurried over with my copy of the rules, but alas: the rule of law just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He did manage to give me his card on the way out — and now here we are!

Kalan brings a wealth of experience in busking, and, importantly, an angle on non-musical performance. (It’s hard to sum up his show in a few words, but you can see excerpts on his site). And although this project is focused on issues local to New York, it’ll be great to have perspective from him on the larger picture of busking and arts advocacy.

He’ll be posting regularly on the blog, as well as contributing to flyer and t-shirt distribution underground. So keep your eyes peeled!