Busking log 6/30: Why we don’t fight back

Today, I met a guy playing guitar at the 57th St F station. He said that he’s been kicked out countless times — illegally — by the police. He’s showed the officers the MTA rules, submitted complaints to the Civilian Review Board, and gone to the stationhouse to complain. But surprise: nothing’s changed.

I asked if he’s ever refused to leave. Nope, he said. He doesn’t have the time for an arrest, he doesn’t want the hassle, and he doesn’t want an arrest record. Can you blame him?

I’ve just written a new page for the 57th St guitar guy and everyone in his situation, to show what we have to gain by refusing to leave our stations. After all, if we’re going to end the rule-breaking, it means lawsuits — and that’ll mean finding the time to go to jail.

So there you have it — the pro arguments in a nutshell. Game, anyone?


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