BuskNY is a New York City-based subway arts advocacy group.

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Though artistic performance in the New York subway system has been permitted since 1985, performers are still being wrongfully arrested, ticketed, and ejected from stations on a daily basis. We think it’s time for that to stop.

We believe in a New York where public performance is a vibrant and celebrated part of artistic life.

That means providing accurate information about the legality of subway performance to MTA officials, NYPD officers, and to every subway rider; helping subway performers to advocate for themselves and to stand up when their rights are violated; and promoting, organizing, and curating events and exhibitions that celebrity the diversity and the excellence of New York City’s subway art.

Check out our about page and blog to find out how we’re doing that, and don’t forget to stay in touch.


  1. Hey, my name is Joseph Hall But I’m well Known from My Dance Name “J black ” & I’m A Subway Performer. In The Video Link Above Im The Guy In The Cover Hanging from The pole, But Anyways Me & My Friends Who Has A Team Called W.A.F.F.L.E Which Stands For “We Are Family For Life Entertainment” Have Been Doing This For A Couple Of Years & Have Done a lot Such As Television , Documents & Etc. today I Was With One Of My Friends & A Guy Told Me About This Website , To Contact It & So I Did .

  2. Hi Joseph — thanks for getting in touch! This is a good time to connect, because the new Police Commissioner has been cracking down on subway performers intensively this spring. Can you send us an email (buskny@gmail.com) so we can communicate directly? Thanks.

  3. Thanks to the guy who interrupted. I wish I had gotten your name! While I was busking at 42nd street mezzanine an officer approached and asked for my permit. I replied that I didn’t have one. He responded by telling me that the spot was reserved for MUNY members only or I had to have a permit to continue. Meanwhile a guy approached to let me know about this site and suggested that I check it out and know my rights. I’m so glad he did. Now I feel more confident to share my talents legally on the mezzanines with a moderate sound device. I’m going to carry with me a copy of my rights just in case next time! Thanks!!!

    1. Great, Henyo! Glad to hear that someone interceded on the grassroots level. It’s particularly wise to carry a copy of the MTA Rules for next time. There are official copies — glossy and blue — available at the Transit Adjudication Bureau, and you can also drop us an email if you’d like to have a copy mailed to you directly.

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